How to attend an interview

It's important that you prepare for the job interview. Even though you have come through the first eye of the needle, you are not there yet. Here we have gathered some of the things you may consider when you prepare.


Look at the appointments committee
Often you will know or can ask who will be present at the interview. It is great knowledge and something that you need to exploit. Therefore, make sure you get to know the people - look at LinkedIn, for example, to target your examples.

Revisit and think about how to present yourself
It is a good idea to re-read the jo advert and application. Then you are sure what the conversation is about, and you can target what you say in the interview.
First impression matters. Most often you will present yourself at the interview. Therefore, prepare what you want to say - think about your motivation, your strengths and your weaknesses. Of course, you also need to think about your attire. 

Find your core story and think of a few good questions 

How would you like them to remember you? Think about it and find three stories/examples that support it. It may be good to come up with one of the examples, if you are asked if there is some last things you would like to add.

As part of the interview, you can also ask questions to the recruitment committee. Think about a few good questions that you can ask. Please be as concrete as possible – e.g.: How do I get feedback on tasks?


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