How to find a collaborator 

There are several ways to reach out to companies when you are looking for a collaborator. The most important part is that you consider what is important for you in a collaboration regarding the professional interest, degree of involvement and presentation of results. At the same time, it is important that you are aware of your study regulation. 


What is important in a collaboration?  

When you start your process of finding a collaborator, it is important that you know what you want with the collaboration. You should therefore consider:

  • The degree of involvement. Is it e.g., important for you that you have a physical contact, or do you want to have more contact per. mail? 
  • How your professional interest matches the company.
  • What you wish should come out of the collaboration? 


Find a collaborator 

When you need to find a business partner, there are typically two methods. You can use to find project proposals from companies that want to collaborate. You can also find a company yourself. However, it requires a little more from you, but it is also a good learning process. In many ways, it is like applying for a job - here you must present yourself as the solution to the company's problem.

There are several ways to find a company, but here we have gathered a few ways you can use as inspiration.


Use the library and project forum

RUC’s library gives access to a database with all the companies in Denmark. You can find the database on You can contact the library for further information.

Establish contact

After finding the right company, you should call them and:

•    Find out who you should talk to
•    Call the relevant person and tell them about your interest cooperating with them
•    Book a meeting

It is a good idea to make some background research on the company, so you are well-prepared for questions and other inquiries. You can also plan different questions you wish to ask them. It is a good idea to start before the semester begins.

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