Why do a collaboration? 

Maybe you've already had a collaboration with an organization, or maybe it's a brand- new opportunity you have not yet explored. Whatever your starting point is, this guide will show you several reasons why you should collaborate with an external partner during your studies.


In RUC's job bank you can find many different organizations' project proposals which you can use as a starting point for your semester project or thesis, but you can also define the project and seek out a potential partner yourself.

Benefits of working with an external  

A collaboration with an external will boost your opportunity to become acquainted with the labor market before completing your studies. At the same time, a project or thesis collaboration is a very rewarding process, because you get access to relevant empirical data, learn to translate your professionalism for practical use and at the same time you get the opportunity to create and develop a professional network.


Strengthen your scientific research
A project collaboration can help to strengthen your scientific research. The collaboration is therefore a good way to gain relevant empirical data, which can otherwise be difficult to achieve. It can e.g., be access to a company's development strategy, observations in an institution or perhaps data from a company that works with sustainable transformation.


Increase your insight in the labor market
When you have a project collaboration with an external part, it will contribute to your insight to the labor market. This is done, among other things, by translating your academic knowledge into practice while you investigate, challenge, and solve the company's problem. Through the collaboration, you will also gain a unique and practical insight into the current labor market within the industry you are collaborating with.


Create a professional network
Finally, through a collaboration, you will create a professional network that strengthens your contact with the labor market. It is therefore a good idea to investigate whether you get a coffee meeting, collaborate about further projects/thesis or if there is a possibility of employment (e.g., internship, study job or full-time position) at the end of the project. The possibilities are many, so remember to take the opportunity to expand your LinkedIn network.


You are welcome to contact RUC's Career Guidance if you have questions or need sparring in relation to a collaboration.


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