Why do an internship?  

When you do an internship, you will learn a wide range of skills. This happens when you are physically present in a company, and in this way gain a direct relationship to the labor market. It gives you a unique experience you can use later in your job search.


Theory to practice
An internship gives you as a student the opportunity to translate your academic and academic foundation into a practical context. You will therefore gain concrete experience of how to proceed methodically with a specific problem in the company. You will thus learn to translate your skills into practice, while strengthening your understanding and confidence around your contribution to the labor market.


Your internship not only allows you to translate theory into practice. It is also a path to new relationships and connections to the job market. A good network equals great value when you, as a graduate, must find your first job. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a recommendation or to make an agreement that you may give up the internship as a reference in your job search.


Business understanding and self-insight
With a daily life at the internship place, you become part of the company culture. Here you will get a special insight into language use, current topics and how to understand the business. 

At the same time, you will get to know new aspects of yourself during your internship. You will gain an understanding of what is important to you, when you are part of a workplace and how you achieve job satisfaction. Try e.g., to ask yourself the following yes / no questions. They can give you a picture of what gives you value in a workplace.

  • I thrive best with changing work assignments (yes) (no)
  • It is important for me that I can work from home (yes) (no)
  • I function best when I share assignments with colleagues (yes) (no) 
  • It is important that there is a social community in my workplace (yes) (no) 
  • I thrive best on being able to manage my own working hours (yes) (no)  


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