Write your project with an organization

When you write your project or thesis with a company, you get a lot of practical experience, which you can use on your CV. It is the same rules and regulations as when you are writing a normal project, but you get the chance for a more practical approach.


In this guide you will find more information within the process of collaborating with companies, and furthermore how to understand the practical aspect of writing your project with an organization or company. You can also contact RUC’s Career Guidance if you have any questions regarding project collaboration. 


What is a project collaboration? 

A project collaboration is your opportunity to get acquainted with the job market before you become a graduate. At the same time, the project collaboration is a very rewarding process because you gain access to relevant empirical data, learn to translate the theories into practical use and to create and develop a professional network.


Example on a project with an organization

In the following picture you can see an example of how a project with an organization can look like. It’s a good idea to find the company you want to collaborate with early in the semester. It can easily take one month before you can find the final focus of your project, as the organization also has daily routines they need to attend.

How to 

Project collaboration is – like the exams – the party of the prepared. Almost all bad experiences with collaboration are found in not having a clear agreement on the collaboration between the students and the collaboration partner. A successful project collaboration is based on a realistic and honest alignment of expectations. If you plan the collaboration properly, the process will be easier. 

  1. Discuss in the group which topic you would like to write about.
  2. Find a company you can collaborate with:
  3. Arrange the first meeting with the company.
  4. Agree on the framework for cooperation with the company by making an agreement concerning your cooperation.
  5. Present your results for the company
    • It may be a good idea to do this before the exam so you can use the company's feedback for the exam.
  6. Career perspectives and further opportunities for collaboration



We have created several templates for, among other things, the framework format for the collaboration, presentation of results to the collaboration partner, declaration of confidentiality and a collaboration contract. Orient yourself in the templates here and contact the Career Guidance if you need sparring for the project collaboration.

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