UX/UI design intern for co-creation, digital democracy and smart city solution hos Social Tech Projects ApS

Social Tech Projects is looking for students who are passionate about UX/UI design and are interested in co-creation, digital democracy and smart city solutions.

Our vision is to use digital technologies for creating social/environmental impact and to create products and services that are placing people at the centre.


We believe that a project-oriented collaboration focused on a real-life problem can create a great value for both the student and for us.

We expect the student to test, develop and use his or her academic competences for solving concrete tasks and problems.


We are launching an innovative community engagement platform that aims to facilitate problem-solving and decision making inside every organisation.

We address three main problem areas:

  • Communication gap: many organizations struggle to create two-way communication with their communities (citizens, employees or volunteers) which can lead to lack of overview, dissatisfaction and higher turnover rates.
  • Top-bottom solutions: when it comes to problem-solving, people with a proactive attitude and innovative ideas often feel ‘not being heard’ by those who have the power to make a change. This will result in a lack of motivation and perceived inequality.
  • Lack of implementation: even though great ideas are accepted by management and are supported by the community, they might never be realized. There are plenty of good ideas but not so many ‘real’ solutions.

Our customers can be divided into three main groups:

  • Municipalities and local committees, who are facing difficulties in engaging citizens and are trying to address this issue in their current strategic development plan
  • Social enterprises (for- and nonprofit organizations and NGOs) and associations with core and “scattered” memberships or flat organizational structure who need a low-cost service to enable democratic decision making, active participation and shared ownership for their community
  • Medium-large companies who want to get feedback from their employees or find solutions for challenges and prefer to use an all-in-one solution


The main goal of the project is to:

  • Design a better cohesive and intuitive mobile user interface starting from the current MVP interface

  • Conduct user research to ensure that the new design meets the needs of users and customers

  • Work closely with the front-end developers to ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

This project will allow us to implement a better UX/UI interface for our solution before the final product release.


  • Being part of a social project that aims to improve the quality of life and promote democracy
  • Joining a team of an early-stage startup and working on a real product
  • Opportunities to learn and develop your skills and career through meetups and colleagues
  • Working in a co-working space (DISIE) crowd of sustainable entrepreneurs and startups focused on creating impact and contribute to the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  • A chance to learn something new every day
Husk at et projektforslag er et oplæg til dialog, hvor du i samarbejde med virksomheden aftaler projektets endelige fokus. Du har mulighed for at foreslå andre relevante problemstillinger eller vinkler, end hvad opslaget umiddelbart lægger op til. Du kan læse mere om projektsamarbejde i Karrierevejledning