Mobile Robots: Motion planning with Trailer hos Capra Robotics ApS

Capra Robotics creates mobile robot platforms especially suited for outdoor or outdoor/indoor use. Our Vision is "To Create Mobile Robots That Help People Everywhere". Our solution allows our customers to focus on their specific application providing them with a better business case.

In order to enhance the possible tasks the robot can undertake, we would like to look at motion planning with a trailer attached to the robot.

To operate autonomously in dynamic terrain, the whole system must be considered. Driving with a trailer raises new questions like:

  • Does the trailer need to follow the same path as the robot?
  • When does the robot need more space to move safely?
  • How do humans in the vicinity foresee the robot's operation?

Additionally, the dynamic load will affect the stability of the trailer. When driving downhill, the weight of the trailer will push the robot, and the inertia of the load can cause instability. How do we stabilize it? And how can we detect the instability through IMUs and motor torque sensors?

All needed equipment will be made available.

At Capra Robotics we are team players, and you will have all the sparring you need. You will have ample opportunity to “nerd” and bring your suggestions and/or new ways to solve the challenges to the table.

About you
We expect you to be a pleasant and gifted person, willing to be a part of a work environment with a high innovation overlay, initiative, curious, a team player, self-driven, passionate about mobile robots and mobile platforms, and willing to make an effort to become part of our team.

It is important that you are passionate about robot technology and development. Besides, it will definitely be a plus if you have conducted projects within the area.

We offer
Lots of challenges and opportunities for professional development in a work environment with a great sense of humor and close cooperation with peers – internally/externally. You will be working on equal terms with your colleagues and with ample opportunities for help and sparring.


If you have any questions as to this opportunity, please contact our CEO, Niels Jul Jacobsen, on phone 70227707 or mail to Capra Robotics ApS is situated in Hasselager, a suburb south of Aarhus, with several public transportation connections from Aarhus C.

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