Future Talent Denmark: Graduate case position hos work-live-stay southern denmark

What's in it for me?

With this position you get the chance to expand your professional network within the Danish labour market. You get important career insights while you build on your job-hunting and networking skills. Together with your group consisting of around 3-4 graduates you will use 6-9 days in a local Danish company* to enhance your existing case-solving skills simultaneously with working within your specific field of interest! When you reach the finish line you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Time schedule & activities

  • 19th May – 10th August: Application open for all international graduates and unemployed
    • Deadline: 10th of august
  • 30th August: Assessment Day in Vejle. All potential candidates (mandatory)
    • Case solving in teams
    • Company presentation
  • 30th August - 10th Sep: Selection period of candidates for the Future Talent Denmark 2.0 programme
  • 19th Sep.: Kick-off workshop: The selected candidates and companies for the Future Talent Denmark 2.0 (mandatory)
  • Case and internship days between 20. Sep to 15. Nov. (mandatory)
    • Min. 6 days. Recommended 9 days incl presentation.
    • Around 1 meeting/case workday a week between 20th Sep to 15th Nov.
  • 24th or 30th Nov: Final Networking event, Companies, and graduates. Celebrating etc. (mandatory)

Advantages / outcomes of being a part of Future Talent Denmark

  • Be matched with a Danish company (see former partner companies as an example)
  • Get useful insights into Danish companies from the inside
  • Work together with other international graduates
  • Increase your chances of getting a job in Denmark
  • Expand your network to more graduates and other Danish companies

The main goal is that all candidates participating in the program will find a fulltime position in Denmark. We (the program team) can not secure you a job, but can help you along the way.


  • That you have a minimum of 3 years high education successfully accomplished
  • That you have a open mindset, ready to collaborate with people with different background and nationality and various competencies
  • That you are committed
  • Ready to work on a specific case for 6-9 days. Present the casework the last day in the company
  • Be prepare to commute to the company and stay at the company when working on the case
  • Share your experiences within your network,
  • Be proactive jobseeker and open to try the Danish labor market
  • Be sure you want to stay and work in Denmark

Outcomes from previous participating internationals in Future Talent Denmark:

"It has been inspiring to visit the company and see how the Danish working culture can be. The impression we have is that the working environment is more relaxed in Denmark compared to other countries south of the border"

  • Four students at Bedre Nætter -

"We had the opportunity to to be a part of an SME and contribute to their decision-making process"

  • Four students at SCADA International -

"We had an amazing experience and could get the feeling of how it is to work in a Danish company."

  • Two students at Rammeshoppen -

" This has provided us with an understanding of the working culture and environment in a typical Danish company. This is critical for our personal development because we will all be entering the Danish labor market in the near future"

  • Three students at Y- Connection -
  • The companies participating in the program are situated in Jutland and Funen
  • You are only allowed to quit the programme if you get a full-time job in a Danish company. In that case, congratulations!

Interested - then just apply ASAP!

Need more information?

Then contact Project Manager Ann Cathrine Lebech Hoe, ac@worklivestay.dk /29428308 or Project assistant Mads Hjortkær mads@worklivestay.dk

Application deadline:

30. August 2022

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