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Danske Bank & CPH Fintech Lab: Ongoing Research Projects That Aim to Support MS Theses, 20 hos Copenhagen Business School

The ’Students involvled in research’ initiative


This sponsored project hosted four pairs of MS thesis students in 2021-2022 for a variety of different projects. Danske Bank is open to engaging MS students on projects related to blockchain innovations, information security, digitalization strategy and emerging technology applications (NLP, ML, AI, QC), cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currency (CBDC), sustainability investment portfolios, ops and payment services, fintech services and start-up creation, cloud computing and risk management, and money laundering. Participating students have been involved in a number of different concentrations, including: strategy, innovation & entrepreneurship; e-business, data science & IS; finance, accounting & economics; and supply chain management & organizations.


The context is a multi-year project hosted by the Bank with involvement from faculty at CBS's Department of Digitalization. Also connected to the project is the Fintech Foundations for Finance (FFFF) Master's course, with involvement from Danske Bank and the Copenhagen Fintech Lab. Several publishable articles are under development, with one submitted to an international conference in mid-June. In the spirit of the independence that CBS encourages for MS thesis students in their research, topics aren't assigned -- instead, they are 'arrived at through discussion' between students and the faculty member.

Husk at et projektforslag er et oplæg til dialog, hvor du i samarbejde med virksomheden aftaler projektets endelige fokus. Du har mulighed for at foreslå andre relevante problemstillinger eller vinkler, end hvad opslaget umiddelbart lægger op til. Du kan læse mere om projektsamarbejde i Karrierevejledning