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Write your CBS master thesis project in "Internationalization" at CBS hos Copenhagen Business School

The internationalization of the firm is often a cumbersome process depending not only on the firm itself and its competencies, knowledge, management etc. but also on the macro and meso characteristics of industries and societies.

The necessary analysis thus involve theories dealing with firms, industries and societies as well as a complex mixture of external and internal, quantitative and qualitative data.

Internationalization processes are often very specific depending on the firm and its strategic challenges. This imply that students should be free to develop the project according to their own preferences. So if you already have ideas and contacts of your own, this might be the project for you.

Students can expect master thesis supervision that may be online or on-campus as needed. Remote work is possible.

For further information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Johannsen Duus, e-mail:

Husk at et projektforslag er et oplæg til dialog, hvor du i samarbejde med virksomheden aftaler projektets endelige fokus. Du har mulighed for at foreslå andre relevante problemstillinger eller vinkler, end hvad opslaget umiddelbart lægger op til. Du kan læse mere om projektsamarbejde i Karrierevejledning