Identify a Sustainable Afterlife for Our Wind Industry Products hos Dansk Polyglas


Identify a Sustainable Afterlife for Our Wind Industry Products


Dansk Polyglas

Dansk Polyglas A/S is a Danish manufacturing company specialized in the development and manufacturing of demanding constructions in fiberglass composite. The company offers both series and project-based production of complex units in advanced shapes for customers within architecture, building construction and offshore industries. Dansk Polyglas have developed and continuously produces unique TP Covers (Transitions Piece Covers) for the offshore wind industry. The customer base includes global players within renewable energy such Vattenfall, Ørsted, Saipem and several more.

Dansk Polyglas is located in Broby only 20 km. south of SDU Campus Odense. The company has 6.000m² production facilities and office space. Our employees have solid competencies and experiences within the different manufacturing processes of composite materials as well as an in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with many different types of projects and solutions. We strive to surround ourselves with external experts to develop the best solutions and process of manufacturing. Hence, many of our projects involves several external stakeholders and contributors. We are not afraid of developing new solutions or trying new techniques, but we always conduct thorough testing and verification processes, before incorporating it into final products. 


Generating Value from Waste

Our TP Covers are designed to withstand the extreme environment at sea in order to keep the advanced electronics inside wind turbine foundations safe. After the towers and nacelles have been installed, our customers no longer have a need for our products. Yet, as they are designed to last and comprised of composite materials, they cannot easily be dismantled and recycled. It is however of great importance to us that our products are handled as responsible as possible after use. Therefore, we are looking for bright and well-researched ideas for a sustainable afterlife for our TP Covers. Preferably, the covers may provide just as much value for someone in the next stage of their life. We call it "End of Life Service” and consider the service as our contribution to creating a more sustainable supply chain and a minimized footprint. Our existing customers have already expressed very high interest in this service, so we are eagerly awaiting great ideas form you.


From Cradle to Cradle

At Dansk Polyglas, we think in terms of cradle to cradle in our entire production setup, and are continuously engaged in dialogue, idea development and testing of materials that contain recycled fiberglass materials.

Our used TP Covers still have plenty of strength and resistance for a second life as a roof structure, an animal shelter, or any other purpose imaginable. If we receive used TP Covers that have been damaged or worn to such a degree that it does not have the structural strength for a second life, the TP Cover will be stripped of usable components, cut into reusable plate material or shredded into filling materiel for the construction industry, such as reinforcement for concrete or sound insulation in highway shielding. 


The Project

Figure out what the second life e for our TP Covers could be, if they are not reused for another offshore project. Identify a (or several) use cases for our covers that may extend the life cycle, before the covers are being turned into a reusable waste material.

On the basis of your academic field, ou get the idea, conduct relevant research and analyses and present a real world solution that brings value for us, our customers and the environment. .

This project may be structured as an internship, a bachelor’s project or a Master’s Thesis. We will support you on the your work, guide and advice you on your approach and help you get in touch with the right people.


Paid Student Job

Since we are eager to get started on the project, we would like to offer a paid student job to the right candidate. Thereby, you will be able to start on the project immediately and get paid to work on the preparations of you future internship, bachelor’s project or Master’s Thesis. Salary according to qualifications.


What We Expect from You

You spend time at our office a couple of times per week for brainstorming and practical work.

You care about sustainability and have a green mindset.

You are independent and able to go from idea to action.

You wish to apply your academic work to a practical solution and would love to see the project being realized in a real-world setting.


Rasmus Limkilde +45 61714753

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