Validation of technical solutions for Plastic Extraction from Rivers hos NornGuest Ventures

A substantial fraction of marine plastic debris originates from land-based sources, and are transported to the sea by rivers.
Extracting the plastic debris while compacted in the rivers seems an obvious way of stopping it from reaching the ocean, meanwhile “harvesting” valuable resources for recycling or incineration for fuel or electricity.
Various companies are working on different technologies for extraction from rivers: (DESMI, The Ocean Clean up project, Canadian pond, etc.)
However, an efficient technology is yet to be implemented on any of the major polluting rivers.
NornGuest Ventures would like assistance to make a case study on the Niger River, which is among the worlds 10 most polluting rivers.
The idea is to have a Nigerian partner collecting data such as flow-rate, width and depth and samples of plastic debris from the river, to calculate which - if any - current technologies or innovative theories could potentially be used to extract plastic debris from the Niger River most effectively. 

The project will apply in-situ and satellite-based data on River Niger to evaluate the river flow conditions required to design plastic waste collection technologies, such as flow rate and stream depth. Changes in space and time of these hydrological conditions will be analysed to identify the most suitable location and to ensure that the technology can run optimally most of the time

Concrete tasks could be:

  • Research and compare existing technologies for extraction of plastic debris from streams and rivers.
    • What are the pros/cons and limitations of the various technologies for scaling from smaller streams to rivers? 
  • Extended Focus on bubble tubing. 
    • Where is it currently used?
    • How could bubble tubing be scaled for usage in large river?
  • Apply hydrological models describing River Nigers flow to assess different methods for plastic waste collection.
  • Use GIS to locate optimal extraction sites along the Niger River.
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