Master Thesis Opportunity at BOFA: Developing the Zero Waste Bornholm Innovation Platform hos Bornholms Regionskommune

About BOFA

BOFA is the waste management entity under the Regional Municipility of Bornholm. It is working hard to achieve its vision of “Zero Waste” by 2032, when it’s waste incineration plant is set to be decommissioned, and all waste is to be prevented, reused or recycled instead of incinerated or landfilled.

About the Topic

BOFA launched its innovation platform Zero Waste Bornholm in 2020 during a COVID-19 lockdown period but undeterred by this, it set out to seek partnerships inspired by a triple (or quad+) helix approach to support its 2032 Vision.

Zero Waste Bornholm serves as a vehicle to engage with e.g. multinational companies from outside Bornholm, companies on Bornholm that are embedded in global supply chains, entrepreneurial start-ups, universities, and NGO’s to develop and scale circular solutions. In 2022, BOFA hosted its very first Partner Days event which was well received.

Zero Waste Bornholm is also explicitly entrenched as one of BOFA’s primary modalities in its newly adopted Municipal Solid Waste Plan 2022-2034. BOFA has a number of partnerships up and running, and quietly the concept of “eco-systems building” is coming to the fore.

However: How can BOFA upkeep its partnership relations, deepen and widen them at the same time as expanding and seeking to build eco-systems? Or should a strategy focus on consolidation? Other similar platforms exist, most apparent of which is Circular Copenhagen. What are differences, and what can BOFA learn from other platforms and vice versa? 


A master thesis collaboration with BOFA might, subject to discussions with the organization, entail access to a work station at BOFA and various forms of support. An open and collaborative knowledge-sharing approach to investigating the subject is expected between the student and BOFA for any thesis writer interested in this topic.

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