Master Thesis Opportunity at BOFA: A Learning and Innovation Hub for Circular Economy hos Bornholms Regionskommune

About BOFA

BOFA is the waste management entity under the Regional Municipility of Bornholm. It is working hard to achieve its vision of “Zero Waste” by 2032, when it’s waste incineration plant is set to be decommissioned, and all waste is to be prevented, reused or recycled instead of incinerated or landfilled.

About the Topic

BOFA has a long-term project termed “Skraldedariet” or “The Wastery” which essentially is a large construction project to the tune of 14 million DKK of which approximately 2 million DKK is funded.

The idea behind the “Skraldedariet” project is to construct a new building based on circular economy principles that can house functions and activities that BOFA’s current guest receiving facilities cannot carry out at the moment. The current guest receiving facilities consist of “Affaldstårnet” or “The Waste Tower” which is a renovated water tower that has teaching facilities and is used by BOFA’s school service, with approximately 3,000 visitors per year.

The “Skraldedariet” project is envisioned to have makerspace facilities, laboratory facilities for teaching etc., flexible spaces all with circular economy in mind and targeting schoolkids and non-profits.

However: Similar facilities exist or are planned on Bornholm, so what value propositions are unique for “Skraldedariet” and could these be examined more in depth? How can BOFA crystallize a public service offering? And of course, how can the project become fully funded? 


A master thesis collaboration with BOFA might, subject to discussions with the organization, entail access to a work station at BOFA and various forms of support. An open and collaborative knowledge-sharing approach to investigating the subject is expected between the student and BOFA for any thesis writer interested in this topic.

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