What does it take? Interested and qualified Danes on the German jobmarked Myths or reality at Fit4Jobs - Få kontakt med virksomhederne i den dansk-tyske grænseregion

Myths and reality in 2022?

Do you want to write your thesis for a Danish municipality that has an international and practice-oriented perspective as well as a desire to implement your findings in practice?

A ”Free municipality” status for Tønder municipality could provide an opportunity, under the auspices of the public labor market, to also include job placement in the geographical area south of the Danish-German border. The opportunity to mediate jobs throughout the Danish-German border region will increase our geographical reach and thus the job supply significantly and could in the long run lead to an increased settlement in our border municipality.

In this context, we seek further knowledge on topics related to a cross-border Danish-German labor market.

Thesis topic

What opportunities and barriers are there in the cross-border Danish-German labor market?

Including, identification of what barriers (real and myths) the Danes',have in relation to working in Germany, how to qualify the Danes' to be able to work in Germany and how to increase the Danes' willingness to work in Germany, and also an analysis of specific job opportunities in Northern Germany for Danes living in Denmark - now and in the long term. (Industries, educations and salary level).

You are probably…..

We are an advocate for team collaboration and the dynamics that arise in Danish-German collaborations, therefore we are primarily looking for a team of two students (per thesis), where at least one of you is connected to Germany, and thus has knowledge of or interest / understanding of the structure of German society.

Most importantly - you are passionate about investigating both theory and praxis

You could be a bachelor or master student at SDU:

  • Cand. Merc. Int., SDU Sønderborg
  • Cand. Negot. German
  • Comparative Public Policy and Welfare
  • Statskundskab med fokus på offentlig forvaltning

…. who is passionate about e.g. organizational development, cross-border collaborations, market analysis and branding.

  • You get a contact person in our organization, your primary thesis contact person is your thesis supervisor from SDU
  • Initially, we work together to determine the main questions of the thesis, and determine how much time we set aside to transfer the knowledge we currently have, interview participation, etc.
  • Together with your thesis supervisor at SDU, you ensure that the main question can be approved
  • After our initial collaboration, we meet in Tønder or virtually, twice a month to ensure that the thesis stays focused and you thrive on solving the thesis questions. Here we give feedback on your sub-results and sub-conclusions, so you get the best thesis result and we learn from your work

Note that the thesis topics are loosely formulated, you as a thesis team can, to a large extent, make your own mark on the thesis you are passionate about writing. Together we ping-pong on how you can angle the thesis assignment in relation to your study and field of interest, as well as on our collaboration while you write the thesis.

The thesis conclusions will be published on the Fit4Jobs, EU Interreg project webpage www.work-in-DE-DK.com

You will not be financially rewarded for the thesis assignment.


If you wish, you have the opportunity to enter into a collaboration with; Martin Klatt, SDU-Sønderborg Associated Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Management, and Center for Border Region Studies (CBRS). The reason why we mention Martin Klatt as a possible thesis supervisor is that he is a project partner in the Danish-German EU Interreg project Fit4Jobs @WaddenC, of which Tønder Municipality is a project lead partner.

About us

The Labour market department handles the efforts for citizens on public support. This applies to citizens on different kinds of social and unemployment benefits as well as citizens participating in resource progress courses.

Our caseworkers work in teams specialized in helping specific citizen target groups back on the labor market. Each team has associated business consultants who, in collaboration with the individual citizen, facilitate a ”back-on the-job” process in cooperation with the local companies, also the business consultants help the local companies with, among other things, their recruitment challenges.

We are characterized by having a large interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments. This means that we have good opportunities to help the individual citizen return to work or education with support from, e.g., the health or children- and the family department.

We emphasis on teamwork where we make each other better and believe that the best results are created in close cooperation with the citizen.


If you are interested in or want to hear more about the thesis opportunities, you are welcome to write to Anita Andersen, antlan@toender.dk

The application deadline is 1 December 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best regards

TønderLabour Market Department, and Anita from Fit4Jobs WaddenC Project

Fit4Jobs @ WaddenC (F4J) is a Danish-German Cross Border Interreg labor market project. We intend to remove the mental barriers and obstacles for companies, business institutions, employees and citizens to get to know our neighboring country better. The goal is to accelerate the development of the region through our common values and synergies.

Read more about

Tønder Municipality, Strategy 2018-2022 (only available in Danish) : https://www.epaper.dk/toekomuser29/politik/visions--og-strategiplan/

Fit4Jobs@WaddenC: https://f4j.dk/index.php/da/om-f4j/hvem-er-f4j

Remember that a project is an invitation for dialogue where you agree on the focus of the project. You have the possibility to suggest other problem statements and perspectives besides what is outlined in the project description. Read more about project collaborations in Career guide