M. Sc. student for Go-to-Market Strategy project for high-tech software (SaaS) at IPU

IPU develops customized technology for blue chip clients globally. However in this case, we intend to spin out a small but promising software as as service operation from our engineering consulting business.

Our software aims at the entire global cooling industry, however we need to qualify and quantify the market. Based on the market analysis we need an execution-oriented go-to-market stategy and plan, alligned with our technology development. We also need a marketing plan focusing on how we reach our potentials clients, users and influencers globally through most likely digital channels.

In addition to the exciting case, we offer a high tech start-up environment at DTU Science Park, and a friendly, international and ambitious working environment.

About IPU: https://www.ipu.dk/

About the technical starting point: https://www.ipu.dk/products/pack-calculation-pro/

Questions? Please contact Søren Merit (CEO) +45 45160411 / sme@ipu.dk or tech lead Jorrit Wronski +45 45160426 / jowr@ipu.dk

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