Market analysis, digitization, QMS, German engineering companies at Fit4Jobs - Få kontakt med virksomhederne i den dansk-tyske grænseregion

At Ospatti, our specialists work to reduce waste of resources in manufacturing companies as well as support the development and digitization of SMEs, because they are the main engine of innovation and economic justice.

We are a dynamic company -currently growing in both Denmark and the USA - which also has a goal of offering our digital QMS (Quality Management System) solution to (small) technical companies in Germany - but we do not know the market – yet….

Thesis topic

Market analysis of the German market for digital QMS solutions (Quality Management Systems)
How should Ospatti's market entry in the German market proceed - and why?

We think it will be relevant to uncover:

  • What does the market look like for digital QMS solutions in Germany?
  • Is there a geographical area that is optimal for our market entry?
  • Marketing and communication of our digital QMS solution - how and to whom?
  • Which QMS related needs does the small technical German companies have in relation to being able to compete internationally?
  • How many engineering companies, with 4 - 85 employees, with and without QMS exist in Germany (and where)?

And also

  • Identification of relevant case companies, which will be the first to implement our digital eQMS system - at a market entry price
  • Identification of consultants and freelancers (networks) in Germany who work with quality, health, safety and environmental management (QHSE) systems
  • Analysis of the needs of consultants and freelancers in Germany for QHSE (Quality Health, Safety and Environmental) management systems

You are probably…..

  • Most importantly - passionate about investigating both theory and praxis
  • You could e.g. be a bachelor or master student at SDU:

o BSc in International Business Administration and Foreign Languages
o HA - Global Business Relationships
o Cand. merc. Int.
o Cand. negot German
…. who has a commercial mindset, is passionate about sales, market analysis, communication and branding - that you can familiarize yourself with technical / digital solutions and wants to be a part of promoting the digitization of German engineering companies.

  • You get a contact person in our organization, your primary thesis contact person is your thesis supervisor from SDU
  • Initially, we work together to determine the main questions of the thesis, and aligne our expectations regarding time consumptions and involvement
  • Together with your thesis supervisor at SDU, you ensure that the main question can be approved
  • After our initial collaboration, we meet in Sønderborg or virtually twice a month to ensure that the thesis stays focused and you thrive on solving the thesis questions. Here we give feedback on your sub-results and sub-conclusions, so you get the best thesis result and we learn from your work

Note that the thesis topics are loosely formulated, you as a thesis team can, to a large extent, make your own mark on the thesis you are passionate about writing. Together we ping-pong on how you can angle the thesis assignment in relation to your study and field of interest, as well as on our collaboration while you write the thesis.

The Thesis conclusions will be published on the Fit4Jobs, EU Interreg project webpage
You will not be financially rewarded for the thesis assignment.

About us

At Ospatti, we are a strong team of specialists (key words; engineers, computer science, philosophy, culture & communication, industrial design, process development, production technology, quality management and quality management), who in close collaboration with our customers ensure their growth, positive cultural change, sustainability and return on investment via our digital QMS solution N'Ginie.
The objective of our customers is typically to be developed and digitized - in order to effortlessly acchive ISO requirements.

Our digital QMS solution is named N’Ginie (And we would like to introduce it on the German market)
We implement and manage our customers' quality, health, safety and environmental management systems (QHSE), enabeling their (now) self-run teams to ensure their continued development via our digital eQMS solution (Team-empowering Quality Management Systems) N’Ginie.

After the production processes, in collabration with us and our customer, have been assessed, implemented and finally established on the N’Ginie platform, the teams of our customers will independently lead and continuously improve the production processes, as the production goals are communicated explicitly via N’Ginie, which also enables real-time monitoring of production and thus documentation of -and compliance with - established industry requirements, guidelines, specifications and processes across the organization.

If you are interested in or want to hear more about the thesis opportunities, you are welcome to write to Anita Andersen,

The application deadline is 1 December 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best regards

Ospatti and Anita from Fit4Jobs WaddenC

Fit4Jobs @ WaddenC (F4J) is a Danish-German Cross Border Interreg labor market project. We intend to remove the mental barriers and obstacles for companies, business institutions, employees and citizens to get to know our neighboring country better. The goal is to accelerate the development of the region through our common values and synergies.

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