Development of test-methods in stoma-bag production at DANSAC A/S

Dansac is manufacturing high-end quality stoma-bags at our production facility in Fredensborg. We are currently offering a student project within improvement and development of innovative test methods to ensure product quality.

The test method takes basis in thermodynamics/continuum-mechanics and will focus on modeling pressure decays from products. The project may involve

  • Analysis of existing experimental data
  • Setting up and performing experiments
  • Development of physics based mathematical models

Data collection and analysis is currently being performed using Python, so some knowledge of this programming language would be an advantage but not a requirement. Hands-on experiments will be performed in Fredensborg at our laboratory, where we currently employ technics such as 3D scanning, 3D printing, microscopy, laser burning and soft molding to improve test methods.

As a student, you will be a part of our science in production team of physicists, engineers and a number of students from DTU/RUC.

The project scope can be matched according to your needs: master project / bachelor project / internship

If you want to hear more about the project then contact Jesper (see below)

Internal supervisors: Joachim Mathiesen (

External supervisors: Jesper Donsmark (

Tobias Ottsen (

NBI coordinator: Stine Stenfatt West (

Remember that a project is an invitation for dialogue where you agree on the focus of the project. You have the possibility to suggest other problem statements and perspectives besides what is outlined in the project description. Read more about project collaborations in Career guide