Copenhagen Business School



Digital probes and the discovery of both new and old worlds at Copenhagen Business School

This master thesis projects aims to analyze the circular nature of innovation in complex evolving systems. In particular, the student(s) will perform a case study of crowdfunding in the cooperative to analyze how new technologies are allowing producers and retailers to revisit older ideals.


  • The domains are innovation and crowdfunding.
  • The intended theory draws on the concept of digital probes.
  • The method will rely on qualitative analysis and semi-structured interviews.
  • The thesis will require that the student(s) gather and analyse data, then elaborate, adapt, or redefine a proposed theoretical model to explain how historical ideals are revisited and re-energized when faced with new technological worlds.
  • The expected results include a theoretical model to better explain why organizational adaptations often repeat certain themes over time.

Remember that a project is an invitation for dialogue where you agree on the focus of the project. You have the possibility to suggest other problem statements and perspectives besides what is outlined in the project description. Read more about project collaborations in Career guide