Opportunity to write Masters thesis on Artificial Intelligence and Future of Skills at Copenhagen Business School Department of Digitalisation

This thesis opportunity is part of 'Students Included in Research' initiative at CBS. You'll write your thesis focusing on the analysis of the impact of AI technologies on skill requirements and skill formation processes in the workplace. In particular, the thesis will analyse how the embedding of AI technologies in the workplace is transforming the nature of skills, what types of uniquely human skills and hybrids of human-machine capabilities are required in AI-mediated workplaces, and how businesses, workers and the society can foster the development of such skills now and in the future.  The thesis will involve both a literature review and an empirical study in real-world workplaces. The exact scope and focus of the project will be defined in collaboration between the student and the supervisor, Professor Anoush Margaryan, Department of Digitalization.  Whilst writing their thesis, the student will have an opportunity to work with a European EU research-industry consortium developing new knowledge on the impact of AI on the future of work and skills if appropriate (for example, undertake some research assistantship tasks aligned with their thesis topic).

Remember that a project is an invitation for dialogue where you agree on the focus of the project. You have the possibility to suggest other problem statements and perspectives besides what is outlined in the project description. Read more about project collaborations in Career guide