Master's Thesis: Community Forest Management at Institut for Fødevare- og Ressourceøkonomi - Københavns Universitet

Community-based forest management program is increasingly being promoted in developing countries with the aim of sustainable forest management and contributing to the livelihood local communities.

The program could also be key to diversification of rural livelihoods and agricultural transformation. Yet, the evidence so far on the effectiveness of these approaches is mixed and heterogeneous.

The literature identifies governance and inclusiveness as key challenges for the effectiveness of community-based forest management.  

With a detailed panel data on governance, livelihood, forest use and management, agricultural production and conservation from 132 forest user groups and 1200 forest users as well as additional cross-sectional data from 2322 rural households in Ethiopia, students have a unique opportunity to investigate the above topics under the supervision of Assistant Professor Goytom Abraha Kahsay (IFRO).  

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